Trip Details

Trip Details and Itinerary – Germany Artist Studio Tour

Germany Artist Studio Tour

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Travel to the most beautiful part of Europe, and get to know some of the leading artists by visiting their studios. Watch them create their incredible works and learn their techniques in an up close and personal demonstration.

Join Engayla as she takes you to some of her favorite locations that she grew up loving.  Visit restaurants, museums and galleries in this personally guided tour of Hamburg, Lübeck and the North Baltic sea.  With the cobblestone streets of the former East Germany under your feet, walk through history and relive the intrigue of a time now past.

Eat and drink like the locals.  See the sights that the generic tours don’t even know about.  But most importantly make memories that will last a lifetime.

Your 7 day tour will be documented by an EMMY winning cinematographer, and you will receive a personalized DVD with videos of your trip.

“Auf Wiedersehen”


  • Transfers from / to airport and to / from hotel
  • 7 x nights hotel accommodation in rooms with private bath or shower and toilet
  • 7 x breakfast buffet
  • Professional English speaking guide throughout the tour
  • Transportation by modern coach (or smaller vehicle according to groups’ size)
  • All excursions and city tours not marked as optional
  • Entrance to museums


  • Date of trip: To be announced..
  • All services are subject to availability at the time of booking.
  • Hotel room price is based on double occupancy.
  • Prices vary according to the length of stay, the desired category of the hotel, the size of the group and your choice of additional services.

Day 1 – Arrival – Hamburg

Arrival at Hamburg airport and transfer to Hotel “Sofitel Hamburg Alter Wall”. Hamburg is a historic city, with a beautiful center of neo-Gothic red brick buildings, half-timbered houses and medieval relics. Experience the Altstadt (Old Town) of the city in the company of a local tour guide.

Shake off your jet lag and enjoy a half-day city tour in Hamburg including all the main sights of this impressive city, including the Hauptkirche St. Michaelis and Germany’s largest seaport.

Day 2 – Museum Day

Before we visit the artists in their studios, enjoy their creations on display in the finest museums of Germany, the Kunsthalle Art Museum and the Kunstgewerbemuseum. With 500,000 works of art spanning four millennia and every cultural sphere in the world, these museums have beautiful, thought provoking works of art on display.

The evening is free for your own activities.

Overnight in Hamburg.

Day 3 – Hamburg – Visit Artist Studios

 Studio 1

Andreas Möller – Weaver/Weberei of throws, hats, shawls & scarves.  Andreas is an internationally recognized weaver who is revolutionizing the craft with his invention “The Flying 8”.  This loom design makes it possible to weave beautiful and intricate patterns.  Aside from his own creations, he travels to third world countries with his loom and spreads the knowledge to other craftsmen.

Studio 2

Ulrike Isensee – Textile Accessory Weaver/Weberei. – Ulrike Isensee’s trademark is in producing textiles on the foundation of artistic expression.  The results are textile accessories displaying individuality and creativity. Complex handmade scarvesare produced with specialized non-industrial techniques and quality finishing thatmakes each piece an exclusive one-of-a-kind work of art.

Studio 3

Anita Braun – Artist of Silk Screen on Wearable Art.-Her collection includes soft flowing coats, jackets and shirts,plus tight-fitting shirts, feminine skirts and dresses as well as many other creations.  Partially printed with unusual motifs and always made from the finest cashmere, silk and cotton fabrics, the style is classic and elegant, sporty and naughty. What immediately catches the eye is the particular synthesis of Eastern and Western design elements.


In the evening feast on northern German cuisine at the Old Commercial Room, one of Hamburg’s most historic restaurants and a fantastic place to enjoy local seafood.

Overnight in Hamburg.

Day 4 – Hamburg to Lübeck

Before we leave Hamburg we’ll have a tasty German breakfast, then take a bus ride to Lübeck.  Along the way well stop at an oasis in the countryside and visit a goldsmith.

Then it’s off to Lübeck and transfer to Hotel Alter Speicher. This Hotel is centrally situated in the heart of Lübeck’s old town. Experience the Altstadt (Old Town) of the city in the company of a local guide. Visit the famous Niederegger marzipan cafe and enjoy the delicious marzipan bread. Lübeck’s sights are mostly within the Old Town. Along the way, you will visit Lübeck’s historic churches, including the Marienkirche (the world’s tallest brick church) and the Petrikirche, where you can ride an elevator up to a viewing platform above the city’s rooftop and see the Holstentor and the Baroque Buddenbrook House.

The arrival evening is free for own activities.

Overnight in Lübeck.  In the morning a scrumptious breakfast buffet awaits.

Day 5 – Lübeck – Artist Studio and the Beach

Studio 5

After breakfast visit the artist studio of Ruth Löbe, weaver of gorgeously colorful carpets and pillows made of dyed goat’s hair, wool, and silk. Her weaving mill is situated in the large fortification complex of the Castle Gate of Lübeck.


Take a relaxing drive through the German countryside and visit the Baltic Sea.  Timmendorfer Strand is the longest beach in Schleswig-Holstein, afterwards we continue onward to Travemünde.

Visit the Kaiserallee, which is well-known for its linden trees, one of Travemünde’s landmarks.  Then walk down to the water back to the boardwalk. Pass by the beautiful 5-star Columbia Hotel Casino Travemünde and you will see the Brügmanngarten.

The evening is free for your own activities

Overnight in Lübeck.

Day 6 – Palingen – Artist Studio – Café’ Schattin, Grenzhus Schlagsdorf

After breakfast head to the former East Germany.  On the way we stop at an artist studio.

Studio 6

Katja Stelz, Weaver/Weberei of throws, pillows and throw rugs. Textile design for the living area of timeless modern aesthetic developed from the collection of traditional techniques arise on handloom rugs and carpets, flat seat cushions and pillows.

Graphic design surface from the interaction of surface color and fine line, complex scale patterns and subtle colors define the character of her work. They are made from pure new wool, fine linen and durable goat hair.

Lunch at “Hof Alte Zeiten” in Schattin. 

After lunch we visit the German Border museum “Grenzhus Schlagsdorf”.  This museum illustrates the former West-/East German border, considered one of the safest borders in the world.

The inner German border was the frontier between the German Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany from 1949 to 1990. Not including the similar but physically separate Berlin Wall, the border was 1,393 kilometers (866 mi) long and ran from the Baltic Sea to Czechoslovakia.

The drive back to Lübeck goes through the German countryside will be full of sights and photo opportunities, as well as a stop at a pub for a local beverage and then a gift shop.

The evening is free for your own activities.

Overnight in Lübeck.

Day 7 – Lübeck – Visit Art Gallery – shopping in Lübeck – Heiligen Geist Hospital

Take a relaxing stroll down a unique street with more than 100 small, lovingly managed shops and businesses.  The unique and creative mix give this street its special flair.  Restaurants, bars and cafés, invite you to pause and linger.  All of this and more is to be found in Lübeck’s most beautiful shopping street, Hüxtstrasse.

The Heiligen-Geist-Hospital at Koberg certainly belongs among the major Old Town sights.  Lübeck´s wealthy merchants designed the building to be a home for the poor and sick in 1280. The beautiful brick building with its 5 spires is one of Europe´s oldest hospitals. Originally a civil social institution, it was later run by the church.  The Heiligen-Geist-Hospital is right next to the Kartoffelkeller where we will have our last dinner together.

Overnight in Lübeck.

The following morning we will take a bus ride on the Autobahn to the Hamburg Airport. (Don’t worry we’ll stay in the right lane)